【TEST】수족구병 : 여름철 바이러스성 유행병에 대비하세요

For more than two years, people around the world have been struggling with pandemicks.

The virus was imprinted in people's minds, and masks and disinfections were sold out and suffered a shortage.


But the virus is not just corona.

One of them is a hand and foot disease that is popular with infants in summer.
A hand and foot disease, which is one of the three major diseases, is
It is literally a bottle of blistering rashes on hands and feet, and in the oral mucosa.


The virus called Entero Entero
This exists in several forms such as CA16, CA6, EV71.
Like Corona, it is easily infected by non -horses and contacts, and relatively low immunity is mainly takes, but adults and elderly people with poor immunity can get this hand and foot.

In addition, it is a headache distance, and Etterovirus is highly resistant to alcohol and is rarely disinfected.


Symptoms of hand and foot disease

After being infected, the mucosa of the mouth, the sole, the foot, the hands, the forearm, the knee, the stomach, etc. appear in the mouth, the foot, the foot, the forearm, the knee, the stomach, etc. for 1 to 3 days. Blisters are often neatly healed without scabs, and it will disappear after a week. In addition, the nails are peeled off after 1-2 months, but new nails grow.

However, the stomatitis that occurs after the blisters that occur in the oral cavity appears very severe, which makes it difficult to eat food, which may cause dehydration.




The characteristics and attention of the hand and foot disease

1) There is no medicine for 'hand and foot disease'?

There is no 'special medicine' in the hand and foot disease.
As I mentioned earlier, it is most important not to irritate the affected area, and to wash your hands and feet cleanly and clean the surrounding environment.

Symptoms that appear in patients with aquariums, that is, when heat is severe, heats the heat with antipyretic agents, and if the blisters are severe, the symptoms relieve the symptoms to apply antihistamine ointment.
You have to wait for your body to produce immune cells.

2) Pay attention from 2 to 4 years old!

The aquarium is a viral disease.
Viruses are so strong that contagious power is not comparable to bacterial diseases.
For this reason, it is very important to be careful not to be in contact with others, such as Corona, and to be cured until it is cured.

However, infants and young children play group activities in nursery schools and kindergartens.


3) Complications

Enterovirus is a virus that attacks the central nervous system.
So, even if a hand and foot disease passes, please keep in mind the acute meningitis that comes to the subsequent shot.

Sterile meningitisby,
3 Army epidemicCompared to meningococcal meningitis, there is no possibility of development in sequelae or severe. (But it's ridiculously hurt, prevention is very important)

Nervous system disease and lung edemaThe back may come, so if you want to have a little bit of symptoms, we recommend that you get a hospital treatment.


3-2) Insolecient meningitis

Bacteria and virus are different concepts.
Bacteria are living creatures, and viruses are anti -life that cannot be survived without a host, consisting of a gene nucleus and protein of one thousand sizes of bacteria.

Corona also has two weeks isolation because it takes about two weeks to die perfectly without a host.

Since enteroviruses are viruses, not bacteria, aseptic (無 菌) Called meningitis,When transitioning to the brain surrounding the brain and spinal cord, it causes inflammation, causing brain pressure increases, the fever becomes severe, accompanied by muscle pain all over the body, with cold sweat and bursting headaches. (I beat the goal every few seconds!

I wrote this article and I had sterile meningitis in my first year of middle school.

This sterile meningitis does not have vaccines or treatments.
If you have normal immunity, you will be cured around a week, and you need to relieve your symptoms with antipyretic and sap depending on your symptoms.


Adult aquariums with severe symptoms

If you are an adult who doesn't take it well, but if you have poor health and immunity, please be careful.

In particular, baby mothers who care for a baby with aquarium and have exhausted energy should be most important.

It's a disease that passes by a cold, but unlike the cold, you can hives all your body and your mouth is broken and you can't swallow food properly.

In this state of unstable biori rhythms, the mothers who are tired physically are infected late after the child suffers from the aquarium, so he has a very painful experience.

First of all, the high fever is more severe than the children, and the muscle pain in which the bone nurses is sometimes accompanied. The nails are peeled off well, and the sore throat seems to be severely torn down and thorns. (Bunny bonus)

Therefore, even those who nursing children will always use the disinfectant to clean their hands and avoid physical contact with the patient.


Prevention is the most important!

In the case of bacteria, it can be easily killed by a general alcohol disinfectant, but as mentioned earlier, enteroviruses are very resistant to alcohol.Acidic alcoholicYou must use '.

When children return from nursery, kindergarten, school, etc.Acidic alcoholicIt is recommended that you disinfect your hands.

Immunity is more important than we think, and we must maintain its immunity and create a body that can be restored to sudden diseases.

You can develop your immunity with just a good meal and simple activities, but if it's hard to keep it in a busy modern society, you should develop a habit of managing my body so that it does not lead to a big illness so that it does not spend much money through the supplement.