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Thank you for using COCOMAI online store.
If you have any questions when using our online shop, this FAQ list can help.

If you see these, the problem is not solved, but it is hard but the company Inquiry form Please contact us.


In the search box displayed at the top of the screen, enter the keyword of the product you want and press the insect glasses button.
When you find the product you want, select the quantity and tap the 'Add to the cart' button. Inside the site If you find the product you want while looking at it, you will be added to the cart from time to time. shopping basket The contents and the total amount are at any time by tapping the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner. You can check.
If you add all the products you want to the shopping cart, the shopping cart icon in the top right
Tap and then tap the 'Purchase Procedure' button and go to payment.
If you do not log in, go to the membership registration and login screen. Members already in COCOMAI If you are registered, enter your email address and password and log in.
Enter the delivery address and select the shipping method. Shipping method, date and time designation Please check this.
Finally, select the payment method. Please check here for the payment method you can use. If you have entered all, tap the order check button.
The order completion mail arrives at the registered mail address.
You can also check your order information or delivery situation on My Page.


Sorry, but now we are not receiving the designation of the report.
The order in COCOMAI is added to the product price and pays a separate shipping fee. Shipping of order products Please refer to the shipping regulations for fees.
As of 8:00 am, the ordering case paid before 8:00 am was sent on the day, and payment after 8 am. The order is based on the next day.
However, if the inventory is insufficient, it may be delayed for about a day, and depending on the manufacturer situation, for several days. Sometimes it is delayed.
In this case, we are guiding us through the phone you registered or registered.
We send goods directly to Korea through flights in Osaka, Japan. Therefore, I would like to tell you that it is not as fast as domestic shopping mall.
Overseas delivery is delivered to the house for about 7 days, and inventory, delay in case of customs clearance, weather, year -end and New Year holidays, We guide you that you may be delayed for three days a day due to the strike.
Please refer to the shipping policy for more details.
The product we send is through the customs clearance, and through CJ Logistics or post office courier service. It is delivered to your house.
In this process, if the delivery engineer is in charge of computing the district products in charge, the delivery is completed first. There are times when you float.
Even if the delivery is completed on the homepage, the product does not actually arrive. If not, we recommend that you wait until 6 pm on the day.
In this case, it is likely that there is a mistake in the shipping company.
Contact the post office courier through the invoice number granted when handling it, or by e -mail to our side If you make a notification of the order, we will quickly grasp the contents and take action.
If you give an email on our side, the order number (number starting with#) If you write, you can help you get faster.
Cocomai Inquiry mail address is
Basically, if the shipment is delayed, we will contact us via phone with the phone.
But sometimes,
Despite the normal shipment, it is when the goods do not arrive in a few days in the state of delivery. there is.
In this case, check your mobile phone call history.
031 Whether there are no number of local numbers or texts issued by Korean customs. Do you not?
For some reason, the customs were contacted by the customer, but this sage product is in the absence. Sometimes it is tied.
The reason is very diverse, so if you want to be delayed a lot, first of all, if you have a history of contact in customs Please check.
Usually, the reason why customs contacts directly is that the customs clearance number is a confirmation guide. In the mall, there may be other reasons because the number match is confirmed in advance.
If the delivery is delayed, even though there is no contact in customs or other reasons, Please contact us.
I will help you handle as soon as possible.
Inquiries are

About customs clearance

All items received from Korea abroad will take the customs procedure in Korea's customs.
The items confirmed in case of customs clearance are
1. Recipient (recipient)
2. Customs clearance number of the recipient
3. Baggage details
There are three main ways, and when you are customs, 'recipient' is more important than the sender. It is necessary to mark it correctly.
* If you are not informed or incoming, the customs clearance is delayed due to the delay of the identity verification in case of customs clearance. there is. Please fill out the exact contact.
This is a 12 -digit number combination that begins with the alphabet P.
In the old days, I used 13 social security number 13 digits in customs clearance, but really important personal information. Since it should not be used, it is not used, so it is made to be safely used when purchasing overseas fastballs. Personal verification code.
This number can be used permanently if it is issued once, and even if you are lost, You can reissue and inquire on the homepage.
Not only COCOMAI, but also when using other overseas fastball shopping malls, it is a necessary number, Please be issued.
Just before we sent it, we compared the information and customs clearance number you wrote. Sending the product only if the number is matched.
We are contacting you separately about the order that is sometimes checked as different.
1. In case of misrepresentation due to typos in the case of listing
2. If the customs clearance number is inconsistent due to the renaming,
3. If you write the customs clearance number of the sender, not the one you accept.
4. If the customs clearance number is impossible by listing the nickname or baptism name, etc.
There is a back.
You must write your name at the time you registered your customs number.
In each country, there is a maximum purchase amount that does not impose taxes, which is determined by the Korea National Tax Service. Content.
The products we handle are sent in Japan, which exceeds $ 150 for US dollars (about 150,000 won). If it is, additional taxes will be granted for each item.
In case of customs clearance, shipping costs are not counted. (Based on pure product prices)
If you are purchasing a large product, please keep the $ 150 line.
Pharmaceuticals and supplements (health foods) have more than 6 pieces when you buy it once. Disposal of disposal
In addition, the cost of disposing of it will be charged in customs.
However, general miscellaneous goods (including medical miscellaneous goods such as band -aids) are treated as general industrial products and are completely in the quantity. There is no limit.
However, if you purchase the quantity of 100, 1000, etc., which goes beyond the level of individual use, There is a cumbersome thing, such as contacting you to the customer, so if you are buying for the purpose of the committee, Check whether it is confirmed), the goods items must be purchased at the right quantity so that it will be cleared without any problems.
6 pharmaceuticals + general miscellaneous goods = customs clearance
7 pharmaceuticals + general miscellaneous goods = Destruction of one medicine during customs clearance (customs clearance law)
8 pharmaceuticals = Destruction of 2 medicines during customs clearance (customs clearance law)
* If you do not know which product is a medicine, please contact us in a real -time inquiry. I will check.
The customs clearance process is based on your customs clearance number, so we keep the quantity on our side. Even if you purchase it, if you purchase additional purchases elsewhere, the quantity will be summed up and customs is processed.
For example, if we ordered three medicines on our side and purchased four medicines from other overseas fastball malls. In case of customs clearance, seven medicines will be 'imported', and one product must be disposed of. It occurs
Therefore, after confirming that the customs clearance was completed through the shipping inquiry, you must shop again. It is not hit.
For the same reason as the above item, if there are products purchased in other shopping malls, the total purchase amount is summed up. Customs clearance is processed.
Be sure to confirm that the previous order is completed, and then use other overseas fastball services. I recommend it.
In addition, the shipping fee is not related at all at the standard for $ 150, so only the price of pure products when purchasing Think

About the product

Please contact us what you want to buy through e -mail!
If you have the exact product name, capacity, product barcode, or product photo, you will be able to sell it faster. can .
Occasionally, there are people who ask if they are not fake due to design changes.
However, we only deal with products that have been authorized by the Japan Food and Drug Administration (Ministry of Health, Welfare). It is not handled.
Occasionally, there are times when the manufacturer's side has a sudden package renewal. On the contrary, rather than sending all the products, it is more to the consumers who send a new product. It is judged to be a benefit, and I send it like that.
The products that have been identified in advance are quick to replace the image, but suddenly the package is renewed without notification. Since the products are the king, please understand this.


Credit cards available are as follows: In addition, credit cards that have expired expiration date will be used. You can not.
● Mastercard
The number of payments is only a lump sum payment. The withdrawal date is the day of each card company regulations.
Occasionally, if you are ordering again by selecting options, additional purchases, etc. We are helping you to request a refund.
If you write the order number (number starting with#) Available. Cancel request email is
However, only the goods that have already been shipped due to the time difference can help you proceed with the cancellation. There is not.
This is a problem due to the nature of sending products abroad.
Detailed guidance on refunds here
The payment standard call is JPY.
If you read the COCOMAI website, it is written in the originalization of the KRW, which is in Korea. To help you know how much you buy This is the notation you can show as a reference price.
Of course, the KRW notation also shows the actual fluctuation rate at the time, so there will be a big difference between when you buy it. not.
For more information
Information on payment calls and payment methods We will guide you on the page.
COCMAI is a Japanese subsidiary operated by MTM JAPAN Co., Ltd. It is being done.
The reason why there is no KRW payment function is that customers use overseas fastball services to double This is to avoid paying the currency exchange fee to the card company.
If you have a payment experience on overseas sites, you can know, but if you proceed with the payment to KRW Hanwha, The currency exchange fee will be charged to the card company.
In order to eliminate the burden of double commissions, we can only make JPY payments from the beginning. I prepared.
Information on payment calls and payment methodsAs you can see on the page, our Japanese drugs have a screen call on the screen. You can change the price to check the price, but in the end, you will be able to pay with the JPY yen.
Please refer to the advantage, even when using other overseas fastball sites, Hanwha KRW payment I hope you don't see the disadvantages by paying a local currency.
If you refer to the following customs clearance questions, you can know in more detail,
First of all, all the baggage coming from abroad is called the 'recipient' as 'importer' under the Korean Customs Act. became.
This is in line with the words that the person who sends it is not very important.
Therefore, your parents and relatives must write the name of someone other than 'self' for gifts. If you do, you must fill in the customs clearance number of 'Receiver' to receive the product without any problems when customs clearance. there is.

Cancel and return product

The cancellation after the order confirmed is not being received in principle. If you have any questions,InquiryPlease contact us. (Reception hours: 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays)
After the arrival of the product, you cannot receive return or exchange for guests.
If the contents of the product are different or if there is a defect in the product, please contact the inquiry form.

My page

If you register a member, you can use the function of My Page.
In My Page, you can confirm your order history and delivery situation or register your delivery address. there is.
my pageFrom, you can register as a member of COCOMAI. Register by setting a name, email address and password.
Login pageIn the form of the form, you can log in by entering the email address and password.
After logging in, you can add and delete the address from My Page.
If you want to change the name and mail address in the time of registering, it is hard, but with the name Please fill in the details of the details and contact us with the inquiry form. Until confirmed and contact Please note that it can take a little time.
If you look at these, if the problem is not solved, it is hard, but contact us with our inquiries. please.
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