Use guide

Thank you for using COCOMAI online store.
If you have any questions when using our online shop, this FAQ list can help.

If you see these, the problem is not solved, but it is hard but the company Inquiry form Please contact us.

Enter the keywords of the product you are looking for in the search window at the top of the screen and press the "magnifying glass button". stomach.
Select the number of items you want and press the "Cart button". If you have a product you want on the site, you can add it at any time using the above method. Press the cart icon for the contents and amount of the cart, and from "Display cart". You can also check it.
When all the purchased products are added to the cart, the cart icon is pressed and "Check out" I will move on to the purchase procedure from the tongue.
If it is not logged in, move to the login screen. If you have already registered as Cocomai, please enter your email address and password. Please login.
Please enter the address of the delivery destination and select the delivery method. Click here for delivery method, date and time specification, and postage fee. Please select the payment method. Please check here for the payment method that can be used. stomach. When all input is completed, press the "Proceed to payment" button.
"Order completion email" will be sent to the registered email address. You can check your order information and delivery status from My Page.

Regarding delivery

Products will be delivered by Sagawa Express and Japan Post.
Please note that we cannot accept the delivery company.
When the shipping procedure is completed, a "Luggage delivery information" will be delivered to the registration address.
* If you change your address after the additional address or your order is changed, you will not be distributed. Please let me know. In addition, after the shipping procedure is completed, it will be described in the details of the order contents of My Page. You can also check from the "delivery slip number". Regarding inquiries regarding delivery status, Please check the status of your luggage based on the luggage information described in the email and contact the delivery company.
* If the product cannot be shipped from our warehouse as scheduled for any reason, Delivery may be pending or canceled.
In that case, we will contact you from our customer support.
Orders until 8:00 AM will be shipped shortly on the same day.
Example 1) Order at 7 o'clock on July 1st → Shipped on July 1st
Example 2) Order at 9:00 on July 1st → Shipped on July 2
Since it will be shipped from Osaka, it depends on the delivery area, but it will usually be delivered in about 1-3 days from shipping. In addition, the date and time can be specified after 2 business days from the order date.
* Delivery to remote islands may not be possible to deliver by the number of days.
* Delivery may be delayed due to traffic circumstances and poor weather. Possibility of delay or delay As soon as we can grasp, we will immediately contact the customer by email.
It can be specified after 2 business days from the order date. Please select when ordering. If you wish to specify the time, please choose from the following time.
⇒ In the morning / 14: 00 ~ 16: 00 /16: 00 ~ 18: 00 /18: 00 ~ 20: 00 /19: 00 ~ 21: 00
* In some areas, it may not be possible to deliver at the specified date and time.
* Delivery may be delayed due to traffic circumstances and poor weather. Please understand how you understand I would like to say.
☆How to check the specified date and time specified ⇒ After the order is completed, you can check the order details of My Page after the order is completed.
☆If you wish to change the day specified, please refer to here.
If the customer is absent when the delivery company is delivered to the delivery, the absence vote will be posted to the post and the product will be taken back to the office. Please request.
"Luggage delivery information" If the product does not arrive even after the arrival of the email, based on the "Luggage Information" described in the email, the status of the luggage from each delivery company. Please confirm and contact the delivery company.
For redelivery after returning, you need to pay a redelivery fee. Regarding the redelivery fee, We will send you an invoice by theul. If you wish to redelivery, please specify the following three points and send the inquiry form.

1 Order number
2 Accept the payment of redelivery fee and wish to redelivery
3 Re -delivery date and time
After returning to us from the delivery company, the storage period is one week. If there is no request for redelivery within one week, we will cancel the order, so please understand in advance. Please.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
If there is a defect or defect in the delivered product (・ Different from the order you ordered ・ Damage and dirt during transportation Defective products, quality, etc.), etc.
1 Order number (6 -digit number starting with#)
2 Account registered name (order name name)
3 Details of the situation that causes inconvenience
4 Replacement / I would like to refund
【please note】
・ If the product arrives more than 30 days, it will not be possible to replace it, refund, and return, so please arrive as soon as the product arrives. Please check the goods.
・ It is different from the product you ordered ⇒ "Contact of the completion of order reception" is limited to the content of the email.
We are very sorry, but we do not accept exchanges or returns due to customer's convenience.
Exceptionally, if you accept exchanges and returns due to customer reasons, shipping and handling will be borne by the customer. Please understand in advance.
* Within 6 hours after your order is completed, "Purchase of your order reception" email or My Page "Purchase" You can cancel yourself from "History".
  Please check the order details.
Also, in rare cases, cancellation processing may not be possible due to an error. In that case,
1 Order number (♯6 -digit number starting with)
2 Account registered name (order name name)
3 I would like to cancel
4 Reasons for cancellation
Please specify the 4 points and send the inquiry form.

About payment

Payment is as follows.
・ Credit card payment
·Bank transfer
・ Cash on delivery ( * Some products cannot be used.)
* Please refer to each item for details of each payment method.
Visa / Master Card / AMEX / JCB is available. Debit card or au Pay prepaid card Also, it can be used like a credit card.
Please transfer the total price and shipping fee to the transfer destination below. Please transfer the day after your order as the first day and transfer until the third day. At the time of the transfer, fill in the "Order number" (4 -digit number starting from#) in front of the name or the remarks column. Please.
Transfer destination: [Mizuho Bank]
Branch name: [Funabashi branch]
Account number: Normal) [2006956]
Course name: [MTM JAPAN]
In the case of cash on delivery, a payment fee of the shipping company will be charged according to the total amount. Please note that the amount displayed at the time of the order is completed is the amount that does not charge.

[Payment fee] * All including tax
・ Order of less than 11,000 yen: 330 yen
・ Order of less than 16,500 yen: 440 yen
・ Order over 16,500 yen: Free
* Orders exceeding 300,000 yen (tax included) cannot be used.
* Some products are not available for cash on delivery.
* PaymentCash onlyis. Payment by credit card, electronic money, barcode payment, gift certificate, etc. you can't.