Connect the mind and heart
We aim to be a "company that prioritizes trust."

Since 2007, we have expanded from imported in Japan, such as "China", "South Korea", "Vietnam", and "Malaysia", from imported to wholesale sales to high -quality "baby products, cosmetics, daily necessities, food". Doing.
At present, it has grown into the largest trading company in Kansai, which handles about 10,000 types of products.

In recent years, two companies have been established under the umbrella of the group, and based in Japan, China, South Korea, and Vietnam, we have been challenging the real estate and eating and drinking field.
Since our founding, we will make the most of the "timely and flexible logistics systems" we have built up to meet the needs of all customers.

As a global trading company, all employees will continue to work hard together, so thank you for your support.