Kobayashi Pharm Tabent 108 tablets/ Denture refining/ 99.9%of the sterilization/ fragrance of fresh mint/

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【How to use】
(1)In addition to 150 ~ 180ml of water or hot water (40 ~ 50 degrees), add 1 tough dent.
It is recommended to use hot water of 40-50 degrees.
(2) Soak the denture immediately
Soak it for 5 minutes to wash the stains that are worrying about after meals.
・ Please soak overnight to remove bacteria, bleaching, teeth.
(3) Rinse with water after cleaning
Please discard the remaining cleaning amount every time.
・ When the temperature of the water is low, the remaining melting is occurring, but there is no problem with quality or performance.
・ If the dirt does not fall, please wipe the cleaning solution to the toothbrush. If it does not fall, I think of pigmentation or tartar attachment over the long term. At that time, consult a dentist.
Foamed agent (carbonate, organic acid), oxygen -based bleach (hyperlipidate, hyperosate), excipients, tartar anti -agent, surfactant (alpha olefin sulfonate)
・ Purification or cleaning solution is not put in the mouth or eye.
・ If you go to the eye, wash for more than 15 minutes with running water.
・ If you enter or drink, rinse your mouth well,
・ If an abnormality remains, consult a doctor.
・ If you examine, you will bring this product.
・ This product and cleaning agent, the third person, the third person,
Leave it where the director's hand is not reached.
・ The discoloration is recognized by using it in dentures using metal.
In the case, stop the use immediately and consult with the dentist.
・ It is not used except the cleaning of dentures.
・ Sometimes spots of pigments occur on the surface.
But there is no problem with quality or performance.

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