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신영 박
맛+병 디자인

짱짱 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

상철 원

전 맛나더이다

영원 강
아주 좋네요

배송도 빠르고 가격도 만족스럽습니다. 조만간 시음해볼께요 !

Daeman Jeong

주문한지 일주일 걸려서 도착했어요(주말 포함)
안전하게 포장되어 왔고 회랑 먹으니 잘 어울렸어요

준우 박

빠르고 안전한배송 너무 만족합니다


Inoue, Fukuoka Prefecture,
+14 dry Japanese liquor.
It keeps dry but rich.
Double A side label ..
The one is There is a label that looks like a Japanese liquor, and the other is
A large +14 ᄌ on the red background
Is the name of the alcohol "Mitsuino Koto Buki".

As you may notice, this label reminds us of a genius three -point shooter of Slam Dunk Mitsui Hisashi.
His uniform The number is 14 and the uniform of Honhoku High School is red with almost two white lines.
In fact, the author of Slam Dunk was a fan of the Japanese liquor "Mitsui No Hisashi" and integrated it into the name of the character.
If you like slam dunk, please try it!

【Comments in the brewery】
Double A side label has been tested for two years. Because it was a popularity, I made it a standard item! It is Junmai, which maintains a dry and rich taste of rice.

• Japan -led +14
• Alcohol 14 degrees
• 60 % ratio

상품 을 입 입 람 은, 쪽 입 하 습 습다

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