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Kurokiri Caterpillar Kurokirishima 720ml


The history of the Kiri Shimasake Brewery began with Black Note Soju.

Kurokirisima "is reproduced with the cutting -edge equipment and the original preparation of the black nuuk brewing at the time of its founding. The taste of black yeast is in the trolley Amami and the crispy aftercut. It is made from excellent technology.
Toroto Kirito Guro Kirishima
It is a full -fledged sweet potato soju featuring a rich sweetness and crispy rear spills extracted from black yeast.
Miyazaki Kiya Prefecture Miyako -no -do continues to make authentic shochu. The raw materials of the full -fledged soju "Kirishima" are sweet potatoes and golden centers grown in vast potato fields in southern Kyushu.
Brewing and dividing are "Kiri Shima Crack Crunch" from a huge reservoir of 150 meters underground in the Miyako -no -tank basin in southern Kyushu.
It contains suitable minerals and carbon dioxide, and it is rarely included in the most enemy of soju manufacturing.
It has optimal growth conditions for fermentation of yeast.
 The original taste of the Black Nuruk Guro Kirishima is a unique brewing of cutting -edge equipment and Kiri Shimasake Brewery.
 This taste is made from the long tradition and excellent technology of the Kiri Shimasake Brewery for more than 90 years. The recommendation method of drinking Kurokiri Shima is on the rock! Kurokirishima, which is very easy to drink without the trolley sweetness, refreshing aftercut, and fragrance derived from naked brewing, puts broken ice in a glass, pours soju and stirs it slowly. You can enjoy cool throat and faint fragrance. Full -scale sweet potato shochu "Kurokiri Shima" recommends a rock where you can enjoy a rich taste.
• Japan -1 -1
• Alcohol 25 degrees
• 50% ratio

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